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The White Paper


DermMatch®, produced and distributed by Dermmatch Inc., is a hair-thickening formula that claims to provide a thick, natural-looking head of hair minus the fuss. The company website boasts of having even the American Hair Loss Foundation as its backer - something that other hair loss products don’t have the luxury of having.

Surprise is an element of success for DermMatch® - because its claims to work for both men and women. It purports to have provided thicker heads of hair to buyers who weren’t that sure whether the product would actually work for them.

DermMatch Reviews

DermMatch® claims to have gotten the science of hair loss down pat. According to the company website, DermMatch® targets the following problems:

1) Female hair loss - the result of tight braids, stress and other lifestyle-related problems.

2) Thinning hair - in men and women, which is usually genetic in origin.

3) Male pattern baldness - the “bishop’s cap” syndrome for both ageing men and young men alike.

4) Transplanted hair - sometimes, transplanted hair fails to grow sufficiently thick.


DermMatch® bases its strength on its formulation, which is mostly organic. The organic components of DermMatch®, which includes various emollients like beeswax and other botanical ingredients (like aloe vera) make this particular approach to hair loss a bit safer than wholly chemical-based approaches.

Another good thing about this product is that you can safely engage in regular daily activities without worrying about your hair. Some hair loss treatments lose their potency when exposed to the elements, such as the heat of the afternoon sun or rain (which is naturally acidic).

DermMatch® also claims to be usable for all hair types, for all nationalities. This means Americans, British, Africans as well as Asians can use the product with similar successful results.


One of the more obvious disadvantages of DermMatch® is it doesn’t actually treat hair loss. Rather, what it does is to imitate the surrounding hairs to create the illusion of hair where there is none. Notice also that the product “stays on better”. This means that you have to apply it regularly if you want to maintain whatever good results you’ve gotten from it.

Another potentially disadvantageous fact about DermMatch® is that it contains plenty of colorants - this is where it gains ground over other hair-thickeners. The more colorants, the more successful the camouflaging. However, though the hair is not prone to irritation, the scalp is.

There are various components in the product that might be potentially aggressive or hostile to sensitive scalps. An example of this would be the emollients themselves. Some scalps, surprisingly, are irritated by the presence of basic or alkaline mixtures. Such condition worsens when an alkaline compound is applied repeatedly.


DermMatch® can be purchased online at their official website. The products are sold in discs. One disc costs $29.95, while two discs cost $59.95. The company website offers discounts for those who want to buy a total of four discs. Four discs of Dermatch cost $89.95, and you save a total of $40. For the discounted package, you can choose up to four different colors. The available colors include white, silver gray, medium brown and black.


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