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The White Paper


The Bosley Medical Institute, Inc. provides hair transplant and restoration procedures for men and women suffering from hair loss in the United States. Composed of the most experienced hair transplant experts in the world, the institute was founded by hair restoration trailblazer Doctor L. Lee Bosley in 1974. Bosley Medical has medical offices in 41 cities all over the U.S alone. According to their website, the institute has “performed over 180,000 hair restorations since 1974”.

The company also offers hair care products and provides medical solutions for the treatment of hair loss. They also do hair transplant procedures outside the U.S., particularly in Mexico, Canada and Tokyo.

Bosley Reviews


The price for a Bosley® hair transplant procedure is not revealed on their website. They do mention various important considerations when ascertaining the cost of the hair transplant. These include personal goals, your availability, your type of hair loss and financial standing.

However, some sources disclosed that the average cost of a hair transplant procedure at Bosley® is around $12,000. The institute has made arrangement with Cosmetic Fee Plan, a medical financing provider, to aid in financial arrangements.

Bosley® provides free consultation to help you in assessing your hair transplant options. You can visit their website or call them at 800-985-6405.


Every aspect of the Bosley® hair restoration experience received high satisfaction rating in a recent survey. The survey results compared more than higher to other hair transplant clinics. To survey-takers who had procedures done outside Bosley®, only 33% announced that they were satisfied, compared to Bosley’s 70% rating.

Bosley’s track record is impressive. It has been in hair restoration practice since 1974 with a record of over 180,000 procedures, and counting. The Bosley® medical team has performed more hair restorations than any other surgical team worldwide. They have performed hair transplant for patients all over the U.S. and more than 67 nations. They have spearheaded almost every important advancement in the area of hair restoration for the past 3 decades.

Every Bosley® physician is a Certified Diplomat within the American Board of Medical Specialties.


The Bosley® website fails to furnish published studies pertaining to their hair restoration procedure, safety of patients or possible side effects.

The L.A. District Attorney’s Office, Consumer Protection Division, however, has inquired Bosley® for alleged false advertising and various consumer complaints.

The Bosley® staff was reported to downplay the terrible discomfort linked to procedures and are forbidden to use the word “pain” or “painkillers” to inquiring customers. Many patients have complained of excruciating pain during the procedure.

Many patients were surprised of how invasive the Bosley® procedures can be. Harvesting of the donor area involves cutting out parts of the scalp which contain layers of sweat glands, blood vessels, tissues and nerves. Additional procedures requires the removal of more tissues,

A Dateline NBC interviewed with former Bosley® patients and employees revealed botched up procedures and shattered dreams. It also uncovered that there is a huge difference between what Bosley® promised and what it delivered.


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